Finally...the winners of the MBS Competition 2013 are....

I was full of good intentions to post this directly after the Conclave in August, but life intervened, so in the spirit of better late than never, here they are, in no particular order. The Miniature Book Society holds a Competition every year, and three books are chosen for Distinguished Book Awards. These images are taken from the catalogue of the exhibition, beautifully photographed by MBS member Ray Williamson, and designed by Tony Firman.  Click on images to enlarge.
        Well, this post about wraps up the 2013 MBS Conclave business, but I will leave this blog up for the time being, as people may wish to refer to it.  
         Thanks to all those kind and willing volunteers who make our Conclaves tick every year - those who man the registration desk, organise the competition, run the auctions, contribute to the keepsakes and goody bags (special thanks to Opus for providing the cloth bags), take the photos, and all those little tasks that add up to making it a time to remember. 
          Also special thanks to Caroline Brandt, who alerted us that it was the 30th MBS Anniversary, (although it was the 31st Conclave!). Caroline has attended every one of our 31 Conclaves, and we celebrate her continuing vibrant contribution to our Society.                                   

sobotaMBScomp 0001
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