Sea-Change (Ariel's song from The Tempest)

Sea- Change-scroll

SEA-CHANGE - Ariel's Song from THE TEMPEST, by William Shakespeare. 

Limited Edition of twenty-five copies signed and numbered. *This edition is sold out*

Sea-Change is a miniature scroll printed in gold, blue, and green on parchment.  Parchment, the material used for documents before the discovery of paper, has a very durable and beautiful surface. In the light weight I have chosen it is slightly translucent. The scroll is mounted on a sterling silver bar with disc-shaped ends, made by jeweler Judith Price. The silver has been treated to give it an antique look. A blue ribbon through two sterling silver rings secures the scroll.

The handmade container is tubular in shape, covered in a deep blue and gold hand made paste paper, with blue leather trimming. The lettering was screen-printed from original artwork, with added decoration using a stencil brush.  The scroll measures approximately 6" long  x 17/8"  high unrolled. The container is 21/8"  high. In Shakespeare’s play, Ariel sang the song to Ferdinand, who thinks that his father drowned in the same shipwreck that cast him onto the desert island.

The ‘waves’ are the names of the sea areas around the British Isles.  When I was a child, my father was studying for his pilot's  license. We listened to the Shipping Forecast every day at teatime, and to me the words were like a magical chant.   

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